Welcome to the last that news, ticket top stories and cryptocurrency angel assets and breaking them out of bite-sized pieces. So today i want to talk to you about what i think is the most difficult thing to do in cryptocurrencies in digital assets, and that one thing that is so difficult is to actually sell.

Now we've gone through this at length and we & # 39. Ve talked about all the great things to dollar cost. Average value cost average go all in all those things and uh for me moving forward. I find this to be one of the most difficult things to actually do, and i just want to run some things by all of you, uh just to show you what i'm doing right now to make sure that i stick to the plan And i change my perceptions as more data comes in, so we'll, get into all that, but first take a look.

What's going on the market? I like to go over the market just to see what's? Uh, you know as a point of reference because it's, always interesting as people come back to these videos. You know in a week two weeks the you know year, like wow bitcoin was only x, so today bitcoin is only fifty thousand one hundred dollars and it's.

Uh february 21st high noon, el paso, texas time so uh pretty good day. Uh ethereum is uh, teetering on the 2000 level. It's, gone up, it's gone down and the reason is because round numbers people sell and uh once it hits 2000 there's.

A lot of limit orders and people sell their positions like myself, and i'll. Go over that about why i did that uh binance coin is number three uh, probably because of all the utility it has in pancake swap and it's, beating the pants off of what ethereum is doing and the uniswap and all those different dexes, Because the rates are just outrageous, polka dot, number four cardano's back number, five, fantastic tethers and six xrp's and seven chain link is a whopping.

Thirty four dollars watch out that's, pretty good bitcoin cash and everything else. So it's, just a nice little reference and uh i mean just like. I want to say this, just like a binance coin and um. Who will be token, which is up 13 for the week and then what else do we have like ftx token up three percent? I mean it's just for a week or so, and then uh like voyager and all the different uh exchange tokens.

They're up because their utility and the things that they do and things that they will be doing so don't sleep on all of those exchange tokens and they're, going to be very, very big for 2021 And in the future, but that's, not the story for this video.

So let's, jump into what i'm talking about as far as the most difficult thing, and if you know my story uh, i started this. This channel just a little over a year ago, and the reason was because i wanted to educate people on all my mistakes and one of the mistakes that i did was.

I went all in at the wrong time. It's, it's. It's, okay, to go all in at the right time that's, but it's very difficult to time that uh, alex becker went in like on march. He bought a ton of bitcoin right of five thousand, so congratulations to him.

A lot of other people did that. Maybe you did that yourselves, congratulations, but the problem is, is you know, figuring out? You know, when is the right time to do that and uh? I just wan na make it easy on you uh easy on myself.

I just dollar cost average or a volley cost average. I'll talk about that a link. This is not the point of video that part's easy. We figured out how to not fomo in and how to go. You know just crazy, and you know cash out all our positions and just dump everything in and watch it or you know, watch it go uh down precipitously now.

The thing is right now is that it just seems so easy. Doesn't it like for, like, ah i mean it's, crypto just put money in it's like magic and it'll, just you know, double or triple overnight. Well that's.

What's happening now, because we're in this fantastic bull run. But what's going to happen as time moves on because guess what what goes up must come down, and that is the truth. If you think everything is going perpetually up, you're crazy and that's, just the truth.

Uh. This is not financial advice. This is just the things that i see the things that i'm. Doing so take it with a grain of salt. I still think you're, crazy, all right so moving on to what i'm talking about here.

As far as the good strategy - and i've talked about this at length done videos before and the link in on my description. There's, a link to get to these spreadsheets and we'll. Just take a look at the first one um, this is ethereum and i & # 39.

Ve got an 80 20 plan. I'm, going to sell at 80 of my positions in this bull run and i'm going to total 20 because i think that is what is going to happen could be wrong. Hope i'm wrong, but this is what this is where we're at so for eighty percent, as you notice right here.

Let me blow this up, so you can actually see it. So in the 20 range you notice that the amount of you could be sold is 16.. Now this is just based on uh numbers. These are not my specific numbers, but they're.

Just nice round numbers because i'm, not good at math uh, so i thought this would be easier for everybody. So if i had a you know, 100 ethereum and i want to sell 20 well now we're looking at, and this is of course, 20 of the 80 that i own.

So i'm, going to sell uh 80 or 80. uh 20 of 80 is 16, so i would make uh 32 000 and and i actually sold a big chunk of ethereum 20 of my ethereum uh stash and uh. It was a good day and that's, just how it is now some people will say well rob don't wasn't your price prediction at a hundred thousand dollars.

Yes, yes, it was, and the question is why don't you just hold on what are you stupid just wait until it hits ten thousand and cash off or cash out at that time? And here's? The problem with that philosophy - and it looks like this - this is the bitcoin chart on december 15, 2017 and if you notice it's at 1965, something like that.

So when you take a look at that, you're like oh, that's the highest. It went no big deal. What was a big deal? A lot of people because remember nice round numbers people were expecting to do 20.. Then 30.

Then a million, if you listen to crazy, john mcafee and people were swept up into that narrative and you have to understand like back then to me it only made sense. I'm like why would people go from bitcoin into cash? That makes no sense, because this is the future uh.

You know we talk about quantitative, easing qe. We talk about money, printing, we talk about, you know, style financial principles. We talked about the ever decreasing value of the dollar, the purchasing power.

I'm like well. It's just going to keep going up because only makes sense, because that's, the future. Well, not so fast. This is what happened, and this is the truth. So if you think that you know everything's, just going to keep going up because it's, the future, it's going to keep going up.

But there's, going to be massive dips and valleys and peaks and troughs so you have to prepare yourself over time. If you don't here's. The thing, though, if you don't care about you're like i, don't care if it goes up to a hundred thousand and drops to two dollars.

I just don't care because i know it's. Gon na go up all the way i'm, not talking to you uh, if you wan na, if you can do that, that's great good. For you, you can do that, but i'm talking to the person right now, who has put a sizable amount or is thinking about putting a sizable amount and going.

You know what i'd, like to make a pretty good purchase here and have a nice little exit for myself. So i can take care of my family pay off some bills. Not have to be. You know working for the man so much all that good stuff right so um for those people.

If you don & # 39, t want to be like me and potentially lose a huge amount of the percentages just keep watching. So this is the part that i can only tell you what i'm doing and when we talk about this, so 80 20 rule of course is in effect, i'm, going to sell 80 and go 20 now.

The question, then, is: what are you going to do with all this money? Because if you talk about money, so much - and you say it's going to go, you know it's, it's on fire and the purchasing power, like we just said three minutes ago.

Well, that's, true, that's, why i did a video and it was called my seven tiered exit strategy. Yes, i'm gonna cash out, but it's, not about cashing out and keeping in the cash that's, not a great plan.

It's about assets, accumulating assets and it's. Not just about only digital assets, it's about diversifying, and you can check that video out. I will link at the very end, but i said: hey it's. Gon na be 10 cash because cash can you can buy look.

Cash. Is still king, you can still buy a lot of things with cash. You can still buy properties, you can still buy land, you can still buy and do a lot of things. So we're. Not all cryptocurrency yet hold your horses, but 10 will be in cash and keep it there.

25 will be in stable coins. The reason for that is because the yield on places like celsius and voyager - i talked about the video 15 going goes into. Land 20 goes right back in investment. Properties, 10 goes into amazon fba business that i have 15 goes into staking all the different projects that i have and five percent goes into.

I trust capital i wish i could put more into. I trust capital and my roth ira, because all the gains there they cannot tax me on that as it goes to the moon and what's even better about. I trust is that they have the things that you stake there as far as because they have ethereum.

Now they have polka dot in the next month or two. They're, going to allow you to stake those cryptocurrencies, which means all of the massive gains or all the difference, reward that you get from those two projects.

They're, not taxed either. So this is why i've. Already maxed out this year, i've maxed out last year. I maxed out this year. It's, usually seven thousand, sometimes six thousand, depending on your age.

Whatever else there's, a video on that i'll link at the end, that's. What i'm doing so not to get off topic, but uh people will always talk to me about well rob you don't understand because there's. All these institutions.

They're all coming in and it's going to keep going up. My trade sideways a little bit might go down a little bit, but it's, going to keep going up forever. Okay, so that may be true and man, i hope it's.

True, that'd, be fantastic, but it's. Talking alex masculini did a video. Last week we talked about the institutional psych. He is the head of institutional services over at b quant, and he goes look.

I know those hedge fund guys, i know the institutions and they're not going to keep forever michael saylor might do that because he has a majority of stake into microstrategy, but as far as uh having all the institutions and all the entities and All the different places going, you know what we don't care.

What the what our our shareholders say, we're, just gonna keep holding as it potentially goes down. I don't think that's, going to happen. So when i'm talking about that, you have to understand. This is the bitcoin treasuries, and i talked about this before on that video.

But this is a refresher here's. All the publicly traded companies here's. The private companies here's. The etf like can we scroll over and we'll, just add up all the bitcoin uh. You get 1.3 million that's, a ton of bitcoin right so 1.

3 million. Then you got to take into account that probably 2 million is lost, maybe 4 million. I have no idea, but people want to take into account for that. I don't know why that's, just what it is. So if we take a look at that, where's, the rest of the of the bitcoin, where is it because it's not listed here? Uh there's, probably some companies that are not listed, of course, but i believe that the vast majority are a lot of old-school whales or old-school people that actually accumulated.

I believe it's, a lot of retail just like me and you and i believe they have their hands on it. And so, if you take that to account how many of us would hold on to bitcoin at 250 000 and like you know what i got no bills, my house is totally paid off, uh all the different uh.

You know secondary houses or my child's. College fund will be fine. I'll just keep holding forever. Okay, i don't. Think that's going to happen. I think people will sell. I think those hedge funds will sell.

I think the other institutions will sell, especially if they have to answer to their shareholders when the shareholders go. What the heck just happened. We just lost 30 overnight because it is volatile, could be wrong.

Hope i'm wrong, but that is where we're at. So when we talk about all these things and we're talking about where we're going. The thing about selling is that you hit that button. I just did it today actually uh to sell out ethereum it's, tough, it's.

Tough, but just here to remind you of you know, don't fall victim to what could potentially happen. Nobody ever went broke, taking profits, love that phrase from cj's perfect. So i don't want this to happen.

This is what happened to me and i always talk about these four year cycles. So we got 2012. There was a having 7 13 all-time high dip reset end of 2015 right next, one having 16 2017. The thing we talked about the dip in a massive reset right and then in 2020 was the same thing happened, but having we're, hitting our all-time highs, there's, going to be a dip and a reset in 2022 and 2023.

I believe that's going to happen, so we have to look at it just like this. We are right down here for 2021 and in all honesty, it's, a pretty good time, uh to actually invest. So when we're, taking a look at this when we're talking about investing, these are the two times when it's great to invest when this happens in like 2016 2000, you know 12 when it was boring And then these sideways actions second best time is right now right where you're at right here and then that is all great and dandy.

The thing about selling is that, if i sell, then it's, then these are my goals. My goals are different from your goals. Right, you could be uh 18 year old. You know person who's like i don't really care, because i mean i'm just going to keep holding well great guess what there's.

Another four-year cycle coming right around the bend and that's going to happen in 2024, when there's going to be another habit, so if we ever having, then what could the price be? Well, i think personally, it's.

We're, going to see bitcoin go to 150k, maybe 200, and it's, going to retrace back to around 30 to 65 000.. That's, just an updated one. I think it's where it's going to be so. If that's, the case then just keep just keep holding on, and then maybe you want to you know: do this cash out right over here as you accumulate for three more years, but the thing is about cashing out.

Is this basic principle? If you have a plan, stick to your plan, as other data comes in, you can modify it as you see fit like for me for the bitcoin i'm, not gonna sell eighty percent and then twenty percent it's.

Gon na be like a fifty fifty split, but i am gonna sell. I'm gonna sell somewhere between september and december. That is my my goal. I just have to take a look at what's going on at that time. If i miss it, if i don & # 39, t sell at the top guess what the chances of me selling the top aren't that great, because it's, just one of those things i sold dogecoin at the top eight Cents i got lucky hey.

What are you gonna? Do i had doge just laying around like i got ta get rid of this eight cents and then it's been down. Am i gonna hit the tops in every one of my portfolios? Absolutely not so let's just say sake of argument that i make four million dollars and then i miss the top and i missed six million dollars.

Would that hurt sure uh i missed out on two million dollars, but i got four million bucks. I mean not so bad and then i can do all the things that i want to do when i'm talking about all these things uh, where were we back here with buying land buying property? Putting my business staking all those things i just don't see, you know the the issue there so when we talk about again finally not to beat a dead horse, but if you're going to sell just make sure that you Do these little micro cells, so you get used to it.

Just like you've done. Micro, buys of dollar cross averaging 25 bucks a day or whatever. You do like me, because i'm boring and then just try to make sure that you stick to your plan. Whatever that plan is again not investment, advices, just things that i'm doing but uh, i will tell you this.

It's. It's difficult to hit that button, but if i keep doing it - and i do it every so often it's, not so hard when those bigger transactions come up. When i need to sell that one bitcoin for two hundred thousand dollars or a hundred fifty thousand dollars, i can do it and if i, and if i don't, if i don't practice now, then i'll.

Never be able to do it later on and i'll, be in the same position. I was in 2017, when i uh held all the way up here and could not get my hands off a crypto fast enough, and i wrote it all the way down sideways, and here we are again so yeah again just what i'm.

Doing. Anyhow, that's it for uh. Today's, video i want to say, if you made it all the way in hey thanks, if you liked it go ahead, thumbs up, really appreciate that also consider subscribing a lot of things we do.

Are time sensitive, i'm doing another video today about the news i just had to put this thing out and if you like these types of videos, i'm, going to link two more up uh. We had two that i wanted to talk about.

One was the one with alex masculini where we talked about institutions uh. The second one is going gonna link up. There was about the seven tier exit strategy, so you can check those out all right so that's.

It thanks so much for watching appreciate it see you on the next one.