Welcome to your last set news to get top stories in cryptocurrencies assets and bring them into bite-sized pieces. So today i want to do a follow-up of a couple of videos. I did in the past where it was my price predictions, the exit strategy and, of course, what i'm, going to do with uh those cash outs.

As i take chips off the table, am i going to just put everything into cash and let it sit there become on fire? No, am i going to put it all in the stable coins? No, am i going to put it all into different investment properties? No, no! No, so i need to clarify just to make sure everybody knows exactly what i'm doing.

This is not financial advice, but these are just the things that i would do and i think they're pretty solid. So there's different there's, seven different criteria. I'm, going to go into, but first i need to just take a step back and let you know what i'm talking about.

So this was actually a video that i did a couple of weeks ago. Actually, this was on uh june, no sorry january june january 7, 2021 and was my price prediction. Video, where i just gave all the different price predictions that i had for everything that that's in my portfolio, i don't like to give outrageous price predictions.

I think they're, pretty reserved and some people have said they are actually quite low and i'm okay with that, because if they go higher then i don't think anybody will begrudge me and say. Ah, you know what you told me that bitcoin was only 150 000 and i went to 400 000.

. You jerk! No one's going to care. So if i just say reserve these, the ones remember that i feel they're going to go to i don't think that i should have a problem here and i hope i hope that i am wrong.

So that was the first part. When we talk about probabilities and gains, you can watch that video. I'll link at the very end. So then, the next video that we did is we talked about the exit strategies and i talked about having an actual plan of what to do, and this just came down to this spreadsheet, which you can find the link of uh or in the description of every One of my videos there's, a link and it'll.

Take you to this exit strategy and it's, all the different exit strategies that i have and the cash out price points, and i made it very simple. My first lego strategy is a little bit more cumbersome and difficult this one's very simple.

I just say here's, an 80 20 rule and you're gonna i'm going to sell eighty percent. I'm gonna uh huddle or keep on with uh 20 of my cryptocurrency holdings because you never know you never know like. I said bitcoin go up to a million.

I have no idea, but i think that - and i base all these on the different uh, four-year cycles that we have, which is having all-time high dips, reset having all-time ideas for that. So in january 12 or january 12 january 2012, we had a halving 2013.

We had an all-time high 2014. We had a dip 2015, we had a reset, then 2016. same thing happened: having all-time high in 2017, big dip, where everything just dropped down to the floor in 2018 and then reset 2019.

. Now we just had a halving in 2020. 2021, i believe, is going to be a huge massive bull run and that's. What i kind of see what is going so this actually leads me to my next point. If we have this massive bull run, which hopefully it all works out, i mean it has only been eight years before and not that anything's guaranteed.

But if history repeats itself, i think we should be okay um. The thing is, people always ask me is like well if, instead of cashing out, which is a taxable event, and we'll, get that second, why don't? You just take loans.

I talked about this before so you can take a loan with some place like celsius, and i'll link this in the description below as well. If you want to take a loan in anything, you have to collateralize that loan.

So if you want to take out let's say this is an ethereum and you want to take out just a thousand bucks. I don't care. If you want to take out a hundred thousand a hundred mil. Well, you can't. Take 100 million be pretty crazy, a million dollars you have to collateralize it, and even if you wanted to just take out a thousand dollars, because right now, ethereum's about 1200 bucks.

Today it is uh what is it january? 29Th, so maybe about 1200 bucks. So if you want to get a thousand, you need to at the very minimum, give them one and a half you have to fifty percent collateralize that so that means to get a thousand bucks.

You need one point five. What is the interest rate on that uh? It's, nine percent, so nine percent, and that's. What it is, if you want to get a really great rate, you'd, have to give four times what you need.

Uh, what which would be three ethereum or quarter? I guess so. You're, looking at an apr of only one percent at a thousand dollars, so you can do that and let's just say you want ten thousand dollars.

Let's say you want a hundred thousand dollars. Okay. What do you need? Well just to do one and a half. You know 152 east. If you want to get and that's at nine percent, mind you at 25, you're, looking at one percent, so here's, the thing! If you get that loan and you take that money out and you're in we're in this massive bull run, you're like it'll, never go down, because all the institutions are here, which I heard the same thing song and dance before and i think bitcoin could be a pretty good play by the altcoins who knows so.

What will happen is if the price of your collateralized asset goes down and it doesn't meet this hundred thousand or actually, in this case 150 yeah, 100. Actually, 150. 000. On this side they're, going to say, hey, you owe us either the collateral, which is we're, going to take your eth and we're going to liquidate it or you're going to pay Us the money i can't pay the money, because i put on a house or i bought a new lambo or whatever else it is.

So you have to be careful with these loans. These loans really are short-term loans. If you can do something with this to make the money work for you in three months to six months, go right ahead. But if you're, taking like i'm, just going to take this loan and move to bermuda and i'll be fine.

I don't think that's, that's. A great play i wouldn't, do it and that's. All i'm saying unless you have another type of reasoning for for a loan for like hey, i'm gonna take out for 30 years, just don't think it's going to work.

So what does that mean? So here is my cash out plan? Originally cash, let's. Just take i'm going to take all my bitcoin all my ethereum. I'm out of this market. Who cares right? You can do 100, but just know that you're, going to pay some serious capital gains taxes, and we talk about that in certain videos.

I'll, also link those and those could be. If you're in the united states, it could be between 20 and 48. Just depends. So that is up to you. But if you want to do a smarter approach again, not financial advice, this is what i'm going to do.

I don't. Think just having cash in your bank is a great option. I think michael saylor showed us that's, not a great option, because if you have a bunch of cash with the quantitative ease and everybody printing, it could be very cumbersome and you can start to lose the value of the dollar as they start To print trillions and trillions of dollars, what does that do? For you not too much? Your dollar does not go as far.

I think cryptocurrency is probably the way to go so here's. The thing here is my um cash out strategy, as it was because it's, not really cash out. It's. Really, i guess in learning to figure out which assets you want.

I like to collect things i like to have assets, because those are a little bit more safer than just having cash. So what i'm, going to do again using the exit strategy that we just talked about the 80 20 rule.

I'm going to cash out. I'm, going to keep ten percent uh in a bank yeah. I got ta use bank still. I know it sucks, but whatever a lot less cracking starts to get that banking license. I & # 39. Ll, definitely use you guys, but this is what we got.

Ten percent - just have you, know, dry powder yeah in in the side it's, always good to have cash, because you never know where you're going to need it. An opportunity comes up. I have cash. The next one i'm going to take about 25, and this is the lion share.

I'm going to put in the stable coins and people say well. Why? Just why? Putting a stable coin because it's, just one to one: you know it's supposed to be pegged to the dollar. So what is the point of that? Well, here's, the thing, if i can put this into stable coins, i'm talking about usdc, i'm.

Not talking about tether. I don't know what is going on with tether. We'll, see after the audit. I just do not trust that right now and i don't see why people use tether once you use usdc it's. Uh it's.

It's. An rc20 token it's on the ethereum network. It's, backed by some pretty good companies. I don't understand why people are like. I got ta use, tether, just use usdc here's. Another thing about that.

First of all, you have to understand if i need to cash out and get state and into stable coins or just cash out in general. How do i figure out where i'm going to cash out? Because someone asked me a question about like well, i just bought theta or i just bought um celsius, so i just bought some wacky coin uh from a uniswap or a simple swap.

How do i cash out? So just real quick just so you know, if you go to, let me back up here. If you go to coin gecko or coin marquette, doesn't matter any of those and you look for let's, find uh theta again right here and you're like.

Where do i first of all? What do i buy? Where can i sell it mostly? Where can you sell it? I get everything on simple swap these days or uniswap as you scroll down, and you look for things see this part here where it says, exchanges see all trading pairs.

If you open that up, you can find every single exchange that you want and all the different trading pairs, so you're like well. How do i, if, if i bought theta on simple swap - and i have my wallet, how do i sell this thing? Well, you can just do this.

Just go to binance just go to hot bit: bkx uh hit vtc. I don't know where these are also look over here on the trust score where, if they & # 39, re green, pretty good, yellow, no red. No, so just take a look at that that's, where you can find to sell those things, also um real quick, why i am recommending usdc or why i use usdc not recommending i can't, get a recommendation just like this Visa partners with ethereum digital dollar startup that raised 271 million.

This is um visa announced it is connecting its global payment network of 60 million merchants to the usdc developed by circle, uh usc software on their platforms and send and receive usdc payments. So again, tether & # 39.

S got an issue right now. They're, going to go through uh, an audit. There is different lawsuits pending and they're. Going back and forth with the new york attorney general. I don't know why people use tether.

Just don't get it, but then the question becomes okay rob so you have an unstable coins just for there, for maybe you want to buy things later on, want to put in dollars. Just have it there, because you do the same thing here's.

The reason why, if you look over on my exchange and wallet fees, there is again a link in the description there's, a description, uh or just look below in the description of the link, geez and wait. When you click on that, you can get to my exchange of wall fees.

These are all the different exchanges and wallets that i recommend and right up here. Everything is an affiliate link. Just so you know so you don't have to use these links, but if you do use them, you get between 10 and 25 dollars.

These are the ones that i recommend and things i just do not recommend all the things that i've used and personally still use right now. So if you look at voyager, rocker got ta change that uh. If you scroll down what's great about these two platforms is that first of all, usdt is offered over on celsius.

Sure again, if you want to do it use it, you can earn apy just for holding your crypto your stable coin, so right over here it's, almost 14 you get paid in celsius or, if you're like me, an american Because you can't get paid in celsius, it'll, just be uh, 11 and tether same thing right with matic with dot.

Whatever you want to do chain link you either get paid in celsius on celsius or link or on like kind on voyager. You only get paid in whatever you're. You're, not staking whatever you have on the uh the platform.

So bitcoin to bitcoin therapy, ethereum and so on and so forth. But i want you to notice on usdc you can get paid eight percent just for holding usdc on voyager. You can get paid almost 14 in celsius and almost 11 usdc on celsius.

So why wouldn't i? Why would i keep it into cash when i can just sit back and do absolutely nothing and just leave it on there for these guys to use and loan out? So that is what i feel is the best option for me.

So just so, you know right now: uh celsius will always have the better apy just voyager and celsius. They are partners in this in this whole game, that's, how they, how they gain yield but uh. What i usually do is i buy everything on voyager, almost everything and uh.

I will, when i'm, not so lazy. I transferred over to celsius. I'm, not that lazy. I got a lot of things going on so, like all every day i dollar cost average in i buy things and it just sits on voyager.

So until i actually get up and go okay hit the button and transfer over celsius, i still get eight percent of usdc. When i transfer over, i get ten percent whatever, so that is uh the one option there and then let me go back so that is essentially 35 or a third of what i'm going to do when i cash out this one here 15 Is land i like to invest into land and properties? I have investment properties, i have land um and they're great honestly, if you're looking for a store of value, it's, pretty good.

The problem with land is it's, not very liquid. So if you want to move land tomorrow, you got to go through a process, but it's, a pretty good place to park your money and there's. Different tax benefits for that, if you're, doing it through a business - and i'm - not going to get that here, but i will take 15 chunk of that and i will put it into an investment uh land option that's, what i will do 20 is.

I will take also that money and i will put it into investment properties. We did a video, so i was trying to to figure out here. We did a video called cash out alternatives and i talked about um exiting and then putting that money into an investment property and then putting that investment property.

You can rent it long term or you can do what we do. You know my wife, which is short-term rentals on airbnb. I think right now we're still in we're just going to 2021. So whenever you're watching this remember that thing called covet yeah it sucked.

It was just awful uh, but right now not many people are traveling a ton, but once everybody gets a lot of people get vaccined around everybody. They're going to want to travel when they want to travel what they want to do.

Well, they can go to hotels and do all these things. They can just do it. What i do, what a lot of people are starting to do is just use airbnb and they can stay in one of my houses. So i believe that, as time goes on, people are going to want to travel and they're going to want to use airbnb even right now with the with the chronovirus and what's going on now? We still have our properties booked, so i don't know i that's, just what the strategy that we're looking forward to doing so.

We have that and then also as far as businesses. I have a couple: one is amazon fba, so it's, very simple, amazon fba? Is you go to manufacturers or producers and say our suppliers go? Look? How much of these units do? You have? Okay, i have um let's say i have 10 000 gas caps, whatever it doesn't matter.

Okay, i'm gonna buy those ten thousand gas caps. How much you selling for at the stores or 20 bucks? Okay, i'll pay! You nine! I'll pay, you nine! You give them to me and then i'm gonna sell them on amazon sure we can make a quick profit.

Everybody's, happy that's, pretty much how amazon works. If you're, doing amazon, fba fulfillment by amazon and that's. What i'm, going to put more into for so i can buy more units, so more products i can sell on amazon and usually the industry average.

You're looking at between 60 and 90 days, and you can sell those things. I do not do amazon training, i just know how to do it. Maybe at some point i will, but right now i'm just too busy, but that is what an option i will definitely do.

I will say this, though, if you're, looking at different options as far as loans. I think this is a fantastic route and i will probably do this to collateralize my cryptocurrency and uh. So i can get money out and pay for more units for amazon turn around and sell those in 60 days, pay the loan back and have a profit, and that's.

Just how i see it, and one more thing if you want i want to make mention - is that the reason why i do all these things it's, not because i like difficulty it's just because i like to be safe. I don't know what's going to happen.

I think i feel when i hedge my bets and i don't go all in on one thing that it's. There's. A little bit more safety in those numbers and that's, just how i see it, okay, so the next two are the most exciting and they're, not a huge part.

I mean they're 20, so you know it's like one-fifth, but i think they're, going to be massive moving down the line and i'll, explain a second so 15 is for staking and Staking is going to be huge. I just see it as uh, just a huge, tidal wave of opportunity that could come down.

What am i talking about here so um there's, a lot of different cryptocurrency projects that you can. You can stake, but one of the ones that i definitely like is polka dot, polka dot. You can get 12 and depending - and this is on kraken now, depending on where you're, going go different places.

Some places it's, like 16 80 percent. I you you have to look for all those. I'm, not here, to tell you exactly where to put it, but i'm just telling you that for polka dots, pretty good uh opportunity for you and it's like in the top five.

So it's roughly about i want to say 17 bucks a day. So let's just say: what do you think it could be like in a year three years, five years, ten years and imagine getting uh eighteen percent yield for even twelve percent yield on that every single year? That's? A lot of money, so polka dot, i think, is a pretty good one for just for staking and you don't.

Do anything. I mean it's pretty great. So there's, that you can stake, theta, that's. Why? I'm, a big believer in the theta on top of the fact that i think, as everybody starts to work from home and more things are being done in your house, and you want to stream, you're, going to need theta And they're, the ones that are actually working with google and with youtube instead of against them.

That's, why it's, one of my top picks and on top of that cardano. Now we here at digital asset news, we have our own stake, pool it's called the news and if you want to check it out again, link in the description.

So when you go there, it's going to go to this. This web page, you click on wallets. You're, going to scroll down it's, going to give you a 13-minute overview of what staking is as far as cardano, how it's superior to ethereum and how you can stake to the d news pool and How we compare to everybody else, so just so, you knew if you take a look at pool tool, dot, io right now there's, almost 70 percent total stake of cardinal all the max supply or circulating supply right now, 70 of that is state.

Pretty good right, this is did this is digital asset, news or d news. This is how the pool plays out, usually the industry average for cardinals between four and six percent. Our last epic or epoch, however, want to say it is around 4.

41 but uh, which was okay, i suppose, but lately the lifetime return is 5.67 and the reason for that is we go through the microsoft azure network and it's. A very safe, very stable and it's, not cheap, but it assures consistency and that's.

All we're looking for and we're up all the time, so d news. This is what we have right now. We have almost a thousand delegations. We don't have a bunch of whales, so that's, pretty good the saturation point uh, you can only have 63 million.

We're at almost 40 percent. We've. Only we've only started this two months ago, so we're, doing great, really happy with that. But just so you know what happens if you delegate to a stake pool that has too much when you do that it's called oversaturation or saturated, and you start to lose rewards.

So if you are staking right now in any other, staking pool just make sure you take a look and it's, not over saturated, like whatever this one is okay, so that is that part also for staking. If you want to take a look at all the different projects there's, a great website called stakingrewards.

com like in the description, and you can just take a look and what's great about this? It has everything here. It gives you the rewards, stake value price right now. It's awesome and it's, pretty good for everything that you want to know.

But what i want to show you is ethereum 2.0. I don't stake it because there's a little bit of issues slashing you have to stake it for so long, but in reality it's. A pretty great play. I'm, going to show you something real quick, so you're.

Looking at nine, almost ten percent rewards, so let's say you had 10 eth right at uh. Almost ten percent, you're. Looking at thirteen hundred dollars right now at the current price, thirteen hundred bucks just for ten uh ethereum, that's pretty great and it's only right around a thousand.

I personally think at the end of this year it'll, be up to ten thousand, so ten thousand all thousand times ten. You're, looking at ten thousand dollars per year, extra just for staking ten ethereum, but but remember like we talked about with those with those cycles the four year cycles.

If 2021, we hit 10 000, it is cryptocurrency, so the value will probably go down after that. Not probably not, it definitely will. No one has a crystal ball. So if it does go down, let's say it goes from like ten thousand down to six thousand.

You still got six x from this. You're, making six thousand bucks a year for doing absolutely nothing again. This is why i think staking is awesome, which leads me to my last points. I trust capital ira, and that is what i'm talking about oops right here and this piece it's, only five percent.

Why do i only have five percent if i think it's, one of like the best things ever it's because for an ira - and this is only for america in europe - they call it's called something different. So so check that out, i can't remember what the heck it is, but for i trust that's.

What i use here, because i'm an american and i use a roth ira. What's? Great about this is that well what's bad about this, is i can only put seven thousand dollars per year into my ira if it was up to me, i put everything in there, and the reason is is because everything that i put into This ira they can't tax me on it, because, whatever i get paid from my my businesses, let's say i get let's.

Say i get seventh. Now let's say i get 10 000. A year okay, then the government says you owe us, you know 30 sure there's. 30. I have 7 000 that i can spend after tax. I will put that higher 7 000 right into.

I trust it's, just an example, and if that 7 000, that i put into ethereum goes to, i buy seven ethereum and i go to ten thousand the seven thousand to 70 000 that is in my ira. They cannot tax me on that.

At all, they can & # 39. T touch me. I can take that out at a certain age. They i fit nine and a half. I can take that out and guess what happens they can & # 39. T touch me. They can't attack; they they can't tax it at all.

That is the biggest thing which leads me to uh. One of my last points, so this was a great article uh by anthony he's. The marketing manager talks about cold hard facts, but the big thing is in total value: locked, stable coins built on ethereum sure i mean everything's built on ethereum.

If you don't know about defy it. Doesn't matter. If you don't know which project to invest into it. Doesn't matter, just invest into just invest into theorems everything's, built on ethereum right now or cardano.

One of those are going to make be big, so ethereum 2.0 is out, and it's. All about proof of stake. We can stake it right and it's in what anthony was talking about here is when you look at the above information.

Ethereum is the ultimate ira asset and the reason he said. That is because i trust not right now, but i believe in quarter the end of quarter one or quarter two. They're, going to offer ethereum staking what does that mean? So if you have, if you bought ethereum and you put seven thousand dollars of ethereum like i just talked about uh in my example - and i put seven thousand dollars of ethereum and nice and they stake it for me at ten percent.

Not only am i appreciating on the value of the ethereum, i am also appreciating on the value of the staking, so i get seventy thousand dollars, plus the ten percent on the original ethereum and it's just a flywheel.

So i'm. Getting i'm double dipping so right now. This is why it's super important. It is important right now that everybody knows, because we are in january 2021. You have until april 2021 to contribute up to seven thousand dollars into this roth ira and put it all there before it gets closed out, you can contribute to seven thousand dollars and retro it, and then you can put another seven thousand dollars for 2021.

. So right now i have already maxed out on 20 uh in 2020. I actually put in my my last thousand dollars just a week ago because i can retro it now. I'm starting on 2021, i'm, putting another seven thousand dollars in and guess where most of it's going ethereum.

Actually it's, bitcoin ethereum uh, gold and silver, and that's. Uh, what i, what i feel is best so real quick. If let me blow this up, so everybody can see it not me all right. So if you have a traditional ira somewhere else or an old employer plan like a 401k 403b military tsp or 457, then you can move them tax and penalty free to a crypto ira uh at itrest, and there's a little snippet here.

Each staking, but the last one is what i didn't talk about, which is passing it down to a beneficiary. I get this question a lot rob. How do i make a trust which is you know, legal document that transfers over everything to your kids, your grandkids? Whatever you want to right, i'm.

Like i don't know i'm, not a lawyer. I'm, not a cpa, so no idea, but there's. A great thing. There is a law. There is a rule. There is regulation that you can pass down your ira when, if you pass away it's like it's almost like like a policy to whoever you want to your wife, your husband, your kids, your grandkids, your whoever else.

As long as it's in some document, which you have to get to with a lawyer, but you can pass it all the way down to them and here's, the great thing they don't have to wait To a certain age to cash out, actually i think it's.

The law is don't performing this. You have, they have 10 years to pretty much drain it to you know to take the profit. So if you're looking for a way to pass on your cryptocurrency tax-free, that will be the one of the ways to do it, so it is just a great option.

I think that's, just something you should look into again. Take a look in the description there's, a link, also viewers of dan. They get the first month free for the itrust ira. I, what i did is i didn't.

I didn't understand an ira how it all worked. So what i did was, i just scheduled a call with them totally free, and i and i did it virtually. It was me anthony and blake, and they just explained it all to me.

This is how it all works. This is how it was like 30 minute session, and i had all my questions answered and then, if you have more questions, they & # 39. Ll set another another thing. So, just if you got time, i would definitely take a look at that, so there is that piece and the last keep saying the last thing.

This really is it at some point, we're gonna have to pay taxes right. So when i wrong one, when i cash out when i put in stable coins, i'll buy land whatever else they're, all taxable events. Just so you know, loans, aren't a taxable event, but at some point i'm gonna have to pay taxes which sucks, but that's, just how it is.

So if you're gonna pay taxes, uh go to friends of the show cryptotrader.txt. This is who i used last year and it's, who i'm using this year and what's great about them? Is they have a direct integration to all the major exchanges and even some of the crappy ones, and when i use the last year from the time that i got into the members section, to put all my information in to actually sending over my cpa, it was 30 minutes it was a direct api into coinbase and the kraken into well binance one actually, but i actually could use binance and everything else.

It downloaded everything it showed me my realized gains, my unrealized gains, my losses and everything else right over to my lawyer. Sent me sixteen thousand dollars in a boatload of time. So if you're looking for that option, um again there's.

Well, there's, two options. Actually, right now they're running a promo uh until the end of april. You can put your first name and your first name and email, and you can enter to win an unlimited tax report 300 value great.

Also, if you're, like you know what i don't want to deal with. I need this now so just go to the link down below and you get 20 off viewers of dan and uh sets you up and they're pretty great, so that's it and that's.

The the big stuff and lastly, i'm. Sorry, i keep forgetting just so. You know to clear all this up. This is where i put all of my crypto um. I don't believe it's, a great idea. To put it all in one place, people will say let's, put everything on a ledger.

Well, i've had different reports of people who, like lose their seed phrases. I don't. You lose my seed phrase, because i have the stone book and uh link in the description, sorry and uh, that's. What i use - because i have two of them - one - is at my house and one is at my safety deposit box, because if i don't, if i can make sure that i don't lose the seed phrase, i will never Lose all my crypto and i've, already had enough horror stories from subscribers, or i will never let that happen.

So i got my ledger that's. Half 15 is on celsius, because what we talked about the yield 20 is on voyager 1 is in my brave, my ether wallet and the 14 somewhere around there is is in on my uh on exchanges.

So i can start my exit strategy and start to sell out or because i'm just too lazy to to put them over, because i'm buying things and that's. It so look. I know it's a little bit long. I apologize, but i think this is pretty good information for everybody to know right now.

So if you watch this all the way to the end, hey thanks for watching all the way, and if you liked it, why don't you just hit a thumbs up once you subscribe, i got ta. I got more stuff like this. Coming at you every single day, and that is it so thanks for watching, i appreciate it uh if you like types of videos, the two months gonna pop up in your left and right, let youtube do its magic, and that is all so thanks for watching See you in the next one you